hide & seek

25 Nov

the game; my pals and i were discussing fun childhood times. the main topic of conversation was ofcourse tipri, lagori, land and water & the all famous hide and seek! my pal ( cant take her name , you will know why) shyly shared how she used to get really excited when she used to hide because of which she used to invariably want to take a leak! haha.. we all blushed ( as we had similar experiences) and laughed heartily as we were transported to those amazingly cute times of our tiny existence.

the biscuit; what a delectable square of creation it is! it is among the few biscuits that i can devour in large numbers. in the recent past, it has been among my top 3 favourites. the other 2 are bourbon ( mind u, only that half which has the cream on it) and parle G when dipped in hot tea! *drool*

play more! eat more!



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