the right bargain

13 Sep

i wait for the days when my granny comes home. its so delightful to have her cook simple but tasty food for all of us. all granma’s have magic fingers. i make it a point to go shopping for veggies and fruits with her when she comes over. its so much fun to shop for veggies from the street vendors. i love to chit chat wit them, i can pick n choose each bhindi if need be, theres so much joy in the chaos also! most importantly the veggies and fruits look so happy compared to the unbelievably perfect ones bandaged with thin plastic in those huge super markets. they just dont fit in the incredible india framework.
the point however of this post is something else. here goes:
everytime i went to shop thus , i would bargain and show off my skills to granny. one such day, after a brilliant bargain, i shared this wit dad who i thot will be pretty kicked about it. but he pointed out how silly i had been to bargain wit a street vendor who barely earns for all the hardwork he puts in sitting the whole day come rain come shine. dad told me to bargain instead at nike and adidas stores where one spends a minimum of 3 grand for a pair of shoes. i happened to get a useful forward on my mail after long about the manufacture cost of a branded shoe being less than around a dollar! my dad’s perspective was so beautiful. from that day on, all vendors who i buy veggies from feel so lucky! hehe.


One Response to “the right bargain”

  1. Jaideep June 30, 2011 at 1:27 pm #

    my dear granny used to prepare rava ladoos;akki roti; best chutney dosa; plate idli;lots of sweets the best sambar man i really miss her food. hmmmmmmmmmmm.

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