4 Apr

Its a breezy morning.
Words were exchanged.They tear.
Its affected me.I still hope all is well.
I breathe heavy.I tear.
Why shud it bother me?I am not to blame.I dont deserve this.
I am in love.Yet again.Time and again.This time it is mutual.
Atleast i felt that until last night when he said something.
I feel lost.I dont deserve this.
I look at my Guru and cry away.
His face has that effect.I breathe heavy and tears roll down while i write.
The sun warms my back.But my heart feels so let down.
There’s never a choice between good and bad they said.
But here its between bad and worse.
Is it like this all around.
Fake affection is wat prevails then.
I wonder why life is such an ordeal.
I was better off between my lives.
In my coffin. Undisturbed.
Out of breathe. Dry eyed.


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