24 Aug


Why does one have to study something one hates?Why are sexy clothes expensive?Why am i broke when i see sexy clothes?When will my fickle mind stop being fickle?Why dont parents give money for tattooes?Why do i hate people who love me and love those who give a shit?Why does mumbai hv the richest of rich and the poorest of poor, both blissful in their own worlds?And now that i agree they do, why does it hv to linger in my brain?How can people molest women, plant bombs in trains, spit paan on road?Why are eunuchs so scary?Why are most of them tamilians?Why is my silence mistaken for anger?When last did anyone enjoy engineering?Do we choose our parents?Does a parallel universe exist?How cool is heaven and how scary is hell?Will i ever become rich and not be feverish for more?Why is dope so inviting?Why is it that most nutritious vegetables are yuk to taste?How come i doubt the spelling of nutritious out of all spellings?Why are people so gung ho abt US of A?Is rebirth n past life for real?Why does one hv to get up in the morning?Why dont youngsters play in the evenings?Why is it uncool to meditate?What makes kyon ki saas bhi such a hit?Why dont men hv to wax their armpits?Why dont men hv to wax?When wil my height increase?When wil i figure wat exactly i wana build a career in?Are granma’s mythological stories true?Will my friend’s blind sister ever see again?Why is sex on my mind these days?How can i not be scared abt global warming when the headlines say 2050 will be our end?When did i last jump in a puddle wit a raincoat on?Why do all babies look angelic?When wil i sign my first autograph? Why do i feel that i wont fall if i sit on a cloud?


One Response to “NOT MERE RHETORICS..”

  1. Himakshi February 12, 2010 at 11:19 am #

    Questions that randomly traverse through my mind every now and then 🙂

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