30 Jul

In the vast farmlands,In the cramped cities,
Color of orchids,Plain grey,slack.
The sound of morning birds,
Merciless blowhorns & rattles..
Talks of knowledge,
Controversial gossip.

Melodious ragas & chants,Head banging of rocks bands-wild romance.
Beneath the blue carpet,Above the carbon monoxide;
Thoughts running wild into the sun,
Others of white blood & dagger hold.

Cries’ of a new born,silence at a funeral.
Celebrations of festivals,Murder,crime,rivals.
Facets of the earth- sun,snow,spring
Volcanoes,autumn,tornadoes’ swing.
Lustre of platinum ,of gold-
Apartheid and its ghastly woes..

Clinker of bells singing temple song;
Sound of death on the bang of a gong.
The warrior is hurt-laid to rest;(the end of his strife.)
Her naked,sensous,angelic form-
“Ay a bitch!We’ll have her torn;(she’ll be my wife!)”

Engulf, Endure ;
Hollow me fill…..so i sink.


2 Responses to “SWINGS”

  1. all day long i think of things.. July 30, 2006 at 7:36 pm #

    love the last stanza..flashes of brilliance in the rest.. stick to automatic writing.. like the refinemnt.. but dont divulge from the original:)

  2. Anonymous December 6, 2006 at 9:30 am #

    good .. very good writing…. majja aagya…. keep it up… u hv a nice body of work shaping up.. with a mixture of satires and deep thinking and thought provoking poems looking inside….
    smart ho raha hai tu…
    keep it up..]

    –the devil

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